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A proud geek, investor, and widely recognized advisor and expert in strategy, lean startup ecosystems, business models, growth & distribution through big data and viral marketing, and corporate venturing.

In 2013, he founded Arcoten Holdings as his advising/investing vehicle where he partners with corporates, accelerators, and incubators to build lean startup ecosystems, and helps companies through providing expertise in growth, hands-on mentorship, access to capital, and helps companies iterate product and grow fast. From time to time, he also likes to build companies with friends and partners inside Arcoten.

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Thanks to a pilot project announced today by Microsoft, TracFone and Health Choice Network ‒ we’re about to find out. Set to launch in January, the pilot project is designed to test the theory that smartphones can lower costs and manage chronic conditions like diabetes with better health outcomes.


Payroll Taxes are Pursued Aggressively by the IRS, with Personal Liability For Owners, Officers, and Check Signers. And Some Violations Mean Jail.


Renaming our present Geologic Epoch as the Anthropocene, is all well and good, but will we live to see the end of it? Extinctions occur all the time naturally, but are generally balanced by the appearance of new species. Not in our case. Humans keep destroying the habitat needed to evolve new species. What does this eventually mean for us?


With Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) just around the corner, it’s a great time to assess the company’s current position and likely moves as it addresses tumultuous changes in its primary consumer and enterprise businesses. For IT managers, the focus should be less on PC and mobile processors, or whether Intel (finally) breaks into the smartphone and tablet markets, but the company’s strategy to become a more significant force, nay perhaps the dominant presence, within the data center. The IA platform in the form of its Xeon line, already rules the server market, with survey data from InformationWeek showing 95% penetration, with 8$% of IT organizations making extensive use of the platform. But Intel has steadily been moving up the value chain to thwart eroding commodification of its core business as white box servers have become almost disposable widgets for cloud providers while the cloud itself takes a larger share of enterprise business.


Tomorrow’s edition of the journal Nature will included a paper documenting the existence of microorganisms living far beneath Antarctic ice. The discovery begs the obvious question of what other extreme environments might be able to harbor life on our planet, or beyond.


With the 2014 Razer Blade notebook, the mad scientists of gaming aim to silence last year’s critics with an impressive upgrade to their flagship notebook’s display.


If Netflix wins some major awards Monday night, it will be a very big deal for Hollywood.


A few effective tips to help get you out of your head and into the present.


All along there has been a difference between data and wisdom. Companies may have assumed that if you purchased the next best tool you were smarter.


HP reported $27.6 billion in third quarter revenue.


Despite of its lack of innovative features, the PlayStation 4 continues to outsell the Xbox One and Wii U.


What society must do to avoid the economic, social and moral cataclysm flowing from share buybacks. Good news: the way forward is emerging.


Bedbugs infest a Manhattan office, a California movie theater and the New York subway. What’s going on?


Desktop publishing used to be the primary reason for owning a PC—it was a business in and of itself. I know I am dating myself, but I remember when someone with a PC, a printer, and a desktop publishing application could actually make decent money producing flyers, menus, and other simple publications for others. Those days are long gone, but the concept of desktop publishing has also evolved over time, and software like Adobe InDesign has managed somehow to keep up and remain relevant.