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I am what some call a serial entrepreneur , as i founded my 1st startup at the age of 19. and was one of the 13 Jordanians who attended the Presidential summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington DC 2010.

Deeply rooted in the arabic geeks, and startups community where I am usually referred to as (Pirate of Digital Arabia) with reference to my special passion towards the Lean Startup , AARRR and Customer Development Models.

A mentor , trouble maker :) panelist and speaker during forums and events likes GEW & Startup weekend , Advisor/Mentor to at least 30+ ventures, and am also famous for holding Hackathons.

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Once upon a time, you used to hear a lot about the “vampire power” load that televisions, monitors, desktops and other electronics equipment consume while in standby mode.


In India, a train slammed into a school bus, killing at least 18 children. People are furious about Indian Railways delaying putting up barrier at the level crossing. In South Korea, relatives of the victims of the Sewol Ferry disaster marched to mark the 100th day since the tragedy. Last in Japan, an artist was under arrest for distributing artworks based on female genitals.


Hotel Wi-Fi connections can be a big black mystery box. There are those without Wi-Fi, those that charge you extra for it, those that limit you to a few devices, those that only beam it to random corners of the lobby, those that give it up for free but keep it dreadfully slow, those that arghhhhhhh.


The question is whether people are desperate enough to improve their Zzzzs to install a recording device in their bedrooms, one of the few remaining sacred spots for privacy.


Google Chromecast, the $35 digital media player dongle that competes against Roku and Apple TV, has turned one today. To celebrate the milestone, Google announced that the Chromecast has powered over 400 million “Casts,” which is when a user beams media from mobile devices, laptops and desktops to the TV screen. Google is also giving away $30 worth of Google Play Music All Access to Chromecast owners.


The following post was published on the Knowledge@Wharton website on July 21, 2014.


While many were shocked when Google acquired Nest for $3 billion, the fast-growing DIY smart home market may ultimately prove Google got a quite a bargain when it bought the connected device maker.


Backed by improving operational efficiency, Qualcomm witnessed a 40% annual and 10% sequential growth in its non-GAAP earnings per share ($1.44), which was a healthy $0.24 above the midpoint of the guidance range. Though it continues to make critical investments in its roadmap and supply chain initiatives, Qualcomm remains committed at exiting fiscal 2014 at an overall operating expense run rate lower than last year.


The major tech companies (Google, Apple and Facebook) are finishing off another round of earnings announcements and a lot of teeth grinding is over for another three months. One conclusion might be. We have never seen companies use intellectual capital to create market dominance on this scale with such open ended opportunity. Another? These companies are ripe for disruption. Where do you sit?


“It’s like having a nose on the palm of your hand,” says Professor Yoshito Niimura.


Believe it or not, math is changing. Or at least the way we use math in the context of our daily lives is changing. The way you learned math will not prepare your children with the mathematical skills they need in the 21st Century. Don’t take my word for it. I am not a math professor. I almost failed out of calculus in high school. I do not claim to be an expert. I write about video games, psychology, education, and philosophy. I understand the importance of math, but it is not my area of expertise. When I am writing about math education and I need a true expert opinion, I reach out to Keith Devlin. He is co-founder and Executive Director of Stanford University’s Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute. He is also a learning game and app developer who founded a company called BrainQuake (a part of the Co.lab/Zynga.org edtech accelerator). And, of course, he is well known as the “NPR Math Guy.” About a month ago, I interviewed Devlin for my MindShiftKQED series on game-based learning. The enlightening conversation changed the way I think about math education. Unfortunately, I only had space there to share some of that conversation. Here, I offer some of the other gems.


While some scientists on the Voyager 1 mission team are fairly certain that the spacecraft has left the sphere of our Sun?s influence and reached interstellar space, others aren?t so certain…


Medical research findings aren’t as scientific as they should be. And because of manufacturer-funded research, some studies are flat-out biased.


A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape: Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder CloudFlare…