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I am what some call a serial entrepreneur , as i founded my 1st startup at the age of 19. and was one of the 13 Jordanians who attended the Presidential summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington DC 2010.

Deeply rooted in the arabic geeks, and startups community where I am usually referred to as (Pirate of Digital Arabia) with reference to my special passion towards the Lean Startup , AARRR and Customer Development Models.

A mentor , trouble maker :) panelist and speaker during forums and events likes GEW & Startup weekend , Advisor/Mentor to at least 30+ ventures, and am also famous for holding Hackathons.

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Yes, it’s early. Too early for anyone to pop the champagne corks, declare victory and stand over the other guy with the scowl of a champion. But Microsoft has a problem with the Xbox One in its war with the PS4 and it had better solve it soon or else it risks having a much smaller installed base, perhaps half the size by the holiday shopping season in 2014. As Paul Tassi wrote here in Forbes, Sony announced the sale of the 7 millionth PS4, which it turns out occurred two weeks ago. That led Microsoft to respond with a report of its own claiming 5 million Xbox Ones shipped to retailers. The careful observer has already caught the difference between sales and shipments, suggesting Microsoft’s number is soft.


Intel, IBM, and Google reported recent quarterly results that were not thrilling. But this does not mean that they are all bad investments. After all, in the last year shares of Google (up 37%) and Intel (up 24%) have performed well; whereas those of IBM (down 10%) have been moribund.


In the back-and-forth between Uber and Lyft, the taxi alternatives you hail with your smartphone, yesterday may be remembered as the day Uber let Lyft back in the game. First, Uber added a $1 “Safe Rides Fee” on the low-priced UberX service, which matches a similar charge from Lyft called the “Trust & Safety Fee.” Both expanded their insurance coverage recently and this fee covers the cost of that as well as background checks and vehicle inspections. But Uber did something else that riders won’t immediately notice: It raised its take of UberX fares back to 20% from 5%, where it had been since early in 2014. And that move could cost Uber the strategic advantage it currently has over Lyft.


Has there been a more inspiring story than that of Solar Impulse since Man set out to go to the Moon? It is the perfect combination of breathtaking ambition, technological wizardry and bloody-minded determination.


An executive of one the world’s largest Oil & Gas companies gave a speech on their approach to control towers, Big Data, and analytics at ARC’s Forum in February. They don’t call it a “control tower” – this company calls it an “Integrated Operational Center.” And it is not a supply chain control tower – it is focused on asset and production management. Nonetheless, their approach offers real insights into what is possible in terms of generating big data, then analyzing, visualizing and contextualizing that data, and ultimately driving value.


Following on from the acquisition of Everyplay by Unity Technologies, the San Francisco based company has scooped up another set of tools with the purchase of Playnomics. Announced by CEO David Helgason on the Unity blog, there will be no immediate change for developers working with either Unity or Playnomics, although integration is on the way.


FATCA May Have Americanized Switzerland, But Cayman Islands Compliance Is About To Change in a Big Way.


Several years ago, cutting coupons emerged as not just a way to save money when shopping for groceries and other essentials, but a hot hobby and trend. TV shows were dedicated to the hype demonstrating how savvy consumers could save 60, 70, or sometimes even 80% of their trip by leveraging sales, deals and coupons. Now, a new app for iOS and Android users can help these same savvy shoppers to save just as much money - without spending hours a week searching for the right combination of and clipping coupons.


Titanfall was the best-selling game last month according to NPD data.


Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, TitanFall, and Fable Legends are all headed to Xbox One.


As part of the recent Build conference, Microsoft announced new functionality for Windows developers. The ‘unified application’ will allow cross-platform apps to be developed and released as a single resource via the Windows Store, and available on Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. While the Xbox side of the equation is still in the ‘pending’ list, the first unified apps are now in the store and are ready for purchase.


Screenshots from Respawn’s upcoming Xbox exclusive ‘Titanfall.’