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I am what some call a serial entrepreneur , as i founded my 1st startup at the age of 19. and was one of the 13 Jordanians who attended the Presidential summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington DC 2010.

Deeply rooted in the arabic geeks, and startups community where I am usually referred to as (Pirate of Digital Arabia) with reference to my special passion towards the Lean Startup , AARRR and Customer Development Models.

A mentor , trouble maker :) panelist and speaker during forums and events likes GEW & Startup weekend , Advisor/Mentor to at least 30+ ventures, and am also famous for holding Hackathons.

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A long time ago in a land far away… ok it wasn’t all that long ago nor was the land that far away, but a few years back someone said something that struck a chord with me and  I have never forgotten it.  That something had to do with the way we need to look at our screens - our PC, smartphone and tablet screens.


What are the differences, if any, between assigning VP-level titles vs. CxO titles in a startup? This question was originally answered on Quora by Sean Byrnes.


LinkedIn has always been recognized as the go-to social media platform for business-minded individuals that want to network with others. It has served as a great way for entrepreneurs to publicize their credentials and to showcase the projects that are currently taking up their time.


Last weekend I was bobbing up and down in reasonably rough surf at the South Beach Triathlon in Miami Beach. Don’t ask me how I did (or didn’t) do in that race, but in the days after it a few things struck me as educational in ways that my middle-aged body and psyche hadn’t anticipated. For anyone that has done a marathon, a gran fondo, a triathlon or some other individual long distance sport, there is a fundamental truth that you live with during the event: its all up to you. People will parade you to the event, friends will train with you, and praise you when you are done. But when you are bobbing in the surf, your quads are burning, or you are barely able to take the next step, no one is there but you, your body and your head.  The finish line is not just the end of each event, or the event overall. It’s the recognition that no matter how you finish, you are going to go for a better race next time.


Before their buzz was usurped in the past year by so-called native advertising that’s designed to look like editorial content, engagement ads were touted by some as the next big thing in online advertising.


Rob Price has resigned from his role of senior VP and CMO, CVS/Pharmacy, at CVS Caremark Corp.


Sure it is a hot topic across the web. Expert and influencer content has determinedly become key in helping big (and small) brands in driving consumers through the buyer’s journey. From start to finish, it has been determined that the right content from the right person can lead to more sales. And so it begins.


Hurt once again by falling ad prices on smartphones and tablets, Google disappointed investors with first-quarter earnings that came in slightly under expectations.


Growth-Hacking is a new take on an old idea – simply put, it is about finding a better, more efficient way to drive growth. Greg Ott of Intuit shares why big companies need to embrace the principles in order to be more competitive.


This blog is part of Aryng’s video blogs for analyst and business professionals looking to grow their customer base and drive engagement using Analytics.


Everyone seems to be talking about Millennials today. It’s not just because they are the largest generation by population size – though that certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s because we’re all fascinated with them – news coverage, political campaigns, and of course, marketers trying to figure out how to reach them. But beyond their size, what is it about this generation that has everyone so captivated? It’s their unique sense of self (for lack of a better word), their surprisingly optimistic outlook on life (despite the harsh economic realities they face), and their less than traditional approach to life stages.


Marketers are officially hooked on content. That it has emerged as one of the primary areas of focus is clear in this year’s survey of North American Effie Awards Final Round judges, conducted in partnership with the Forbes CMO Network. The survey, now in its fourth year, gauges advertising executives’ overall take on the most pressing industry issues, including metrics management, media investment, and marketing priorities in 2013.


Do you ever feel like you’re running out of content ideas for your website or blog?


If you read this column with any regularity, then you know that Yours Truly is a big believer in tangible benefits: if you don’t have one, expect to be treated as a commodity – and if you have one, flaunt it. But when I spoke with Mike Watson, VP of Corporate Marketing at Cree Inc., I found myself staring in the face of one of those proverbial exceptions to the rule. Here was a product with an unequivocal environmental benefit, whose creators made a conscious decision to avoid mentioning this benefit. Here’s why: