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A proud geek, investor, and widely recognized advisor and expert in strategy, lean startup ecosystems, business models, growth & distribution through big data and viral marketing, and corporate venturing.

In 2013, he founded Arcoten Holdings as his advising/investing vehicle where he partners with corporates, accelerators, and incubators to build lean startup ecosystems, and helps companies through providing expertise in growth, hands-on mentorship, access to capital, and helps companies iterate product and grow fast. From time to time, he also likes to build companies with friends and partners inside Arcoten.

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When creating content for a marketing campaign, sometimes your primary goal is to motivate your audience to take action. Whether it’s signing up for an email newsletter, visiting your website or purchasing a product, how do you make your content persuasive enough that the audience takes action? Here are seven steps for optimizing your persuasiveness within your content strategy, and maximizing the chances of your audience taking action.


It’s not the changes to marketing or technology that have raised the bar on digital transformation. The dramatic change in customer behavior and buying preferences are driving this revolution.


You can almost picture yourself in the room. It’s the time of year again where the marketing team has to put together a strategy, a plan and a budget for the next fiscal year.  After carefully considering the seismic shift that is happening across the digital web, the team has come back and said it is time to eradicate the marketing of old. Doing things differently is the only way. Our brand doesn’t need another year of stagnation pouring money into old media. Paid media has its place, but the time has come where people are building relationships with brands due to reasons greater than clever commercials and savvy product placement. Owned media, earned media and shared media have become “where it’s at.”


Whether you’re seeking advice on raising capital, scaling your business or looking for general industry insight, these sites are worth reading.


Joe Polish is a marketing genius and bestselling author who’s consulted many of the industry’s best: Sir Richard Branson, Body for Life’s Bill Phillips, Tim Ferris and many more. He was “thought leadership” before the concept of thought leadership was born.


A recent Unconventionals episode featuring Story, the New York City retailer whose business model mashes up store, magazine, and gallery, caught the eye of Francesca Nicasio. Francesca is a retail expert and author from Vend, and wrote this guest post on how other retailers are leveraging online channels to enrich in-store experiences.


Not long ago, Christmas catalogs didn’t appear in our mailboxes until around Thanksgiving, usually just after.


Just about a month ago I wrote a piece about a very well-known brand and its use of comic books as a means to promote a product that is not normally associated with comic books. All modesty aside and nothing to do with me, it’s an interesting read about the use of  something normally not associated with marketing and/or advertising.


The use of social media to engage customers has been a top priority for marketers over the last several years. According to a 2013 study by the University of Marketing Research, 77% of successful U.S. companies use Twitter and 70% use Facebook to communicate with customers. Companies however are slowly starting to realize that frequent usage of social media outlets does not necessarily mean a better bottom line, according to “Using Social Media to Improve Customer Loyalty”, a Forbes Insights case study sponsored by SAP.


A conversation with loyalty expert Steve Sims, Chief Design Officer & Founder of Behavior Lab at Badgeville offers some clues into how to build a loyalty programme that works.


Apple recently announced the Apple Watch concept with much fanfare. The reviews so far are mixed, but I wanted to put Apple Watch to the test. So, as I did with Google Glass when it was announced, I engaged my virtual ideas company, Ideasicle, with the task of coming up with creative applications of Apple Watch that take advantage of the technology and its context, our wrists.


Toyota faces dual challenges in attempting to turn around its iconic Prius hybrid franchise these days with a new ad campaign. The brand has become commoditized amid a bevy of competing hybrids. And mainstream Americans don’t really care about electrified vehicles anymore unless they’re named “Tesla.” Hybrids still amount to only about 3 percent of U.S. car sales even a decade and a half after their introduction.


o be an effective leader in the 21st century you have to do a lot more than just deliver results (that much is expected). Effective leadership requires certain critical experiences to deliver clarity of thought, along with the ability to embrace differences and broaden observations to see beyond the obvious. Leadership can no longer live in a highly-structured, overly-defined box of silos, but rather must move into an interconnected, boundary-less ecosystem of diverse minds, ideas and ideals. It is only through the unique and diverse experiences throughout one?s career that a leader can fully appreciate and adapt to the more entrepreneurial, strategically-focused and forward-thinking mindset shift that is required to at some point recognize the opportunities for growth embedded within every individual, circumstance and obstacle that presents itself.


Here’s a possible nightmare—if you haven’t crafted your brand yourself, with intention, by default you’ve allowed it to develop ad hoc in the hands and opinions of others. So how’s that working out?