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I am what some call a serial entrepreneur , as i founded my 1st startup at the age of 19. and was one of the 13 Jordanians who attended the Presidential summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington DC 2010.

Deeply rooted in the arabic geeks, and startups community where I am usually referred to as (Pirate of Digital Arabia) with reference to my special passion towards the Lean Startup , AARRR and Customer Development Models.

A mentor , trouble maker :) panelist and speaker during forums and events likes GEW & Startup weekend , Advisor/Mentor to at least 30+ ventures, and am also famous for holding Hackathons.

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Mark Goldring, the CEO of Oxfam, a leading UK charity that is fighting global poverty and his recent experience on Undercover Boss and what he learnt about how they were making it difficult for people to become their customer.


This article is by Megan Meagher, director of Red Peak Youth, a branding and design agency that connects brands with the Millennial mindset.


It is a known curse of the working world, having responsibility without enough authority. It seems, however, that there is one corporate function that has responsibility without enough authority as part of its job description these days. I am talking about the CMO. (Other executives might disagree and think that I am making martyrs out of CMOs. If you are not the CMO and feel that you have even more responsibility with less authority than a CMO, let me know why you feel that way. If you are a CMO, let me know if you agree with my reasoning.)


You’ve heard that old saying, “It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know,” right? This saying typically applies to situations where you’re trying to find a job. And if you know the right person, you can get an “in” at a company. However, in the social media world, this saying is just as true. And if you want to propel your marketing strategy to new heights, you have to “know” the right people.


With his announcement of a new album covering his sheet-music “album,” Beck has shown us how content marketing can have a storyline - with a beginning, middle, and end - if we are bold enough to let the content go. I remember how excited I was when Beck released his sheet-music album, “Song Reader.” So much so I wrote about it on Forbes.com in my, “Beck ‘Produces’ A Genius Innovation That Appeals To The User-Generated Generation.” Because it wasn’t a recorded album, but sheet music, it was an open invitation to the world to interpret and record his songs.


Carey Smith, the CEO of fan manufacturer Big Ass Fans, was our guest on the very first Unconventionals, a radio show that tells the stories of companies that are disrupting the status quo. As we launch our 3rd season, Carey agreed to talk to my colleague Hugh Kennedy about the prevailing wisdom he would most like to change. Here’s a few highlights:


How much money do chief marketing executives make? Are CMOs located in Asia compensated more than those in Europe or North America? Do B2B CMOs earn more than their B2C counterparts? While CEO compensation has been reported and analyzed for decades, there hasn’t been any substantial or detailed analysis on CMO salaries, bonuses, benefits, and performance incentives. That is, until now.


How many times has this scenario played out? The company website, launched with great fanfare a few years earlier, is starting to look dated. The layout looks like early 2005, and the home page, once the subject of massive battles for real estate, is a confusing mess. A few of the photos show people who no longer even work for the company, and multiple departments are complaining they aren’t getting the results they need.


It’s no secret by now that Facebook has completely figured out how to make money on ads running on mobile devices—a big turnaround from just two years ago when the lack of mobile ads tanked its initial public offering. To date, it’s believed that many of those ads are aimed at driving people to install mobile apps.


A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape: Bill Nussey, CEO Silverpop…


This article is by Simon Preece, director of effectiveness stuff at Elmwood, a brand design consultancy whose clients include Procter & Gamble, Fairway Supermarkets, Kimberly-Clark and Nestle.


On the heels of BBDO New York’s recent, praise-inducing ad for Guinness, “Empty Chair,” I sat down with BBDO’s  president and CEO to talk about how the agency—with a client roster that includes AT&T, Wells Fargo, CVS, SAP, Bud Light Platinum—is working to stay relevant amid the trend of clients’ spreading work among many, often smaller, agencies; why effective brand storytelling can be so elusive; and why video is now so platform-independent.


This article is by Scott Sterner, senior VP of Search & Performance Marketing at Beeby Clark+Meyler.


Would it surprise you to learn that some experts believe Google+ is on its way out, that MySpace is making a last-ditch attempt to re-engage users, or that Foursquare is in the middle of a radical overhaul?


Self-driving cars are not yet on dealer lots, but the space is heating up and it’s being led by tech companies while traditional automakers make efforts to catch-up. A new Appinions’ Influence study released today, found Google to be far and away the leader of the “10 Most Influential Companies” in the autonomous cars sector, a market that saw rapid fluctuations in conversation over the two-month study period steered largely by product announcements and demos. Intel claimed the number two spot in the “10 Most Influential Autonomous Cars Companies” ranking in the influence study, followed by carmakers GM, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Nissan.