Rami Alkarmi builds lean startup Ecosystems

Geek. Investor. Growth Strategist.

A proud geek, investor, and widely recognized advisor and expert in strategy, lean startup ecosystems, business models, growth & distribution through big data and viral marketing, and corporate venturing.

In 2013, he founded Arcoten Holdings as his advising/investing vehicle where he partners with corporates, accelerators, and incubators to build lean startup ecosystems, and helps companies through providing expertise in growth, hands-on mentorship, access to capital, and helps companies iterate product and grow fast. From time to time, he also likes to build companies with friends and partners inside Arcoten.

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It looks like Facebook has launched a new effort that addresses that classic social business challenge: finding expertise. Their graph search as they describe applies to a more generic look at searching than just expertise, but they are building a new way to turn natural language queries into answers based on all the structured and unstructured data that we have all populated into Facebook.