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I am what some call a serial entrepreneur , as i founded my 1st startup at the age of 19. and was one of the 13 Jordanians who attended the Presidential summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington DC 2010.

Deeply rooted in the arabic geeks, and startups community where I am usually referred to as (Pirate of Digital Arabia) with reference to my special passion towards the Lean Startup , AARRR and Customer Development Models.

A mentor , trouble maker :) panelist and speaker during forums and events likes GEW & Startup weekend , Advisor/Mentor to at least 30+ ventures, and am also famous for holding Hackathons.

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Last week, CBS forced CNET to rescind its “Best of CES” award that was originally intended for Dish’s Hopper DVR that let you skip commercials.

CBS is suing Dish over the gadget, and as a result it blocked its own tech publication CNET from covering or reviewing the Hopper. The whole thing stirred up quite a controversy, and even caused one CNET editor to quit.

Today we learn from Consumeristthat Dish isn’t going to back down. On its website, Dish names the Hopper the best in show at CES, with a large asterisk explaining the whole controversy.

Pretty funny.

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